Dreamcore - An Interactive game made by Unreal Engine

Our idea came from the concept of the dreamcore, Eva's dream notes and Coco's narrative story. Dreamcore, also known as Dreamy, is a weird core that revolves around "dream", which generally revolves around surreal dreamscapes. Using spirals, moving patterns, eyes, and optical illusions, the Dreamcore conveys a surreal environment and the undeniable feeling that things are wrong. The reappearance of the mundane, the daily tasks, and the long-lost elements, such as the deserted sights visited during adolescence, are the elements that players have seen, yet faded into space over time. While the players are experiencing a new game, the familiarity and connection back to memories will consistently remain.
Team: Peiyu Eva Zhou and Yunhan Coco Ma
Instructor: Cassie Tarakajian, Adam Rokhsar
Time: Mar.24th - May. 5th 2022

Above is the first demo of our game play, more details are under constructed.