Compmedia: week one

This week we are using p5.js to draw a simple drawing. ︎︎︎link here︎︎︎ This is my first time drawing on a computer using code so i faced lots of diffculties: at first i struggles at how to center and ailgn the circles, and I couldnt figure out how to set the shape on the place I want, then I go through some tutorials and notes.

My intention is to draw a flower with eight petals, but how to make the petals around the center circle. Also, I think theres a better way to code the circles instead type them on by one.

How computation applied my interest? 
During this rapid technology development period, computer and other tech-stuff are not just for entertaining, but also for creating. I came from a graphic and motion design background, have almost zero coding experiences. So what I use computer to do is mostly visual and graphic designs, it set as it is, which means what I created and it came out what I want it to look like. However, I really like those interaction exhibitions, these art pieces, the result came differently, it various towards different people, when touch it, use it, or even just standing there, it will have defferent feedback, it add so many humanity in it. So these makes me want to do more with computer, not just limited with what I can do, and I want to create with it.