Translating Soft Data:

Color Visulization Through Music

I realized I couldn't remember all these little messy emotions. and I won't be aware of it when I am immersed in a kind of emotion. When I did feel what I wanted to feel, it was often time to deliberate or recall what I did. I will be kept thinking about how I should feel when I encounter this situation in the future and whether my reaction to this feeling is correct or my response is logical for others. Constantly reliving these little emotions can put a lot of stress on my mind.

I used to create a design system based on Dance Notations, a symbolic representation of human dance movement and form, using methods such as graphic symbols and figures, path mapping, numerical techniques, and letter and word notations. And I felt the process of making those waves could calm me down.

So I decided to track my daily emotion waves based on music notations and the meaning of each notation represent. The music notations are also different forms of locks. As you can see from the sheets above, I divided the 4 measures into morning, afternoon, evening, and midnight. Each bar will have different notations happening. They are put in the order of how I feel today, from high notes to low notes, compact to lose.

After I created those music sheets, I imported them into AI and used the Image Trace and Appearance tool to create outlines for them. Some notes merged, and they made a complex mix and light mix.

Then I imported those elements into AE and created different comps to make the details and date move.