Hyperciema: week one

This week we learned how to use a Zoom Recorder, and we were assigned to different group s to do a sound project. I came from a graphic and motion design backgound, and I dont have many oppoturnities to do hands on project such as use equipment, or go out in the environment to create things, so I felt this is exactly what I want to learn. 

Martha and I met on Friday, and she recorded the process of making tea, as I have a similar idea of record the sound of cooking breakfast. I also record some other sounds, which as walking on cracking stairs and walking on grass during morning and night. And we also created shared documents to keep each other updated. 

Anyway, Im really excited to meet new people from different backgrounds, and looking forward to learning from each other.

Sound reference to share:
Recycle Sound
Ryuichi.Sakamoto - Coda
"In harmonicity, the tonal walkway" by Julianne Swartz Laurie Anderson “Chalkroom”