Intangible Interaction: week two

PIR Sensor Testing 

PIR sensor has a Pyroelectric Sensor in it and outside is coverd with Fresnl Lens. reference link. And the PIR sensor we got only have three pins - Ground, Output and Gower - and its only for digital output to test is there motion detected or not.

Then we connect the sensor and all other components. As we opened the Serial Monitor, we can see that when theres motion, it will shows motion detected which mean the circuit and code are working, then we add the LED to gives more obvious result when theres motion the sensor detect.

From the reference and the test we did, the PIR has Single Cycle Mode and Retrigerable Mode, by doing it we adjust the jumpers, and Single Cycle mode shows the LED only light once, and on Retrigerable Mode the LED will kept on, but its not very sensitive.

However, the PIR wont detect any motion for 3 seconds during two detection, and from the datasheet we saw this model set the delay time anywhere from 3 or 5 seconds from 5 minutes.