Physcomp: project 1

In this project, we created a Microcontroller-to-PC communication.

time: Oct 22nd - Nov 10th
team: Peiyu Eva Zhou and Kelin Guang

︎︎︎About the Hangman:

We decided to created a “Rock Paper Sissior” game on p5js, and the game has two players, every 3 games and it set back to original. Then we made two mini gallows with two puppet hanging on it, which represent the two players, if one of the player lost that round, the hanger will lift that players puppet until its feet fully above the ground.


Fabrication, p5 to Arduino, 

︎︎︎Step by Step: 

We programmed and tested on both digital and physical, which digital include programming on p5js and Arduino, as well as finishing the breadboard and the servo. And physical include making the gallows, connect the servo with the gallows and the puppets.

Fabrication: We outlined the gallow in AI and use laser cut cut out the parts, then use glue to finish the gallow. We first used cardboard to make a demo of the gallow to make sure the AI file we made is correct and working.

P5JS: We started with the speaker, after we connect the circuit, we first use a simple code to let the speaker have sound left image. Then choose use Marios as our music right image. link




(process and challanges when we testing)


(what can we do to make it better, what we learned)